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We hope you will consider getting involved! 


The Garrison School Parent-Teacher Association’s (GSPTA) mission is to enhance our children’s experience by forming a partnership between parents, teachers and staff.
Our hope is that together we can make the years at Garrison Elementary School the best experience possible for our children. 



This link will take you to Cheddar up, a website for nonprofits. The
GESPTA uses it to collect member information and payment.
Garrison School PTA’s annual dues are $10 per member.


Why join?  Members are the heart of our organization! Only members can vote on PTA business or hold office. Plus, only teachers who are members are eligible to apply for our mini-grants and expense reimbursement! 


We count on our members to lead the many programs we offer to students and staff all year long. Members also receive email notices, volunteer opportunities, meeting announcements and minutes directly from the PTA organization.


To learn more about our programs and fundraising activities please visit the About the PTA page or download our PTA Resource Guide from the PTA Documents page!


Why Pay Dues? We belong to the NHPTA and the National PTA. Our membership dues covers our dues to those organizations; which provides us support when needed, and our liability insurance for the events we hold at school. 


Here’s the breakdown per member: $6.25 for NH & National PTA insurance coverage, $3.75 to support Garrison PTA

Questions?  Email: [email protected]