School Counseling Department

Garrison Elementary School Counselors: Ashley O’Keefe and Grace LaMuraglia


Ms. O’Keefe: Kindergarten and grades 1&2

(603) 516-6738

  [email protected]


Ms. McDonough: Kindergarten and grades 3&4

(603) 516-6749

[email protected]


Our school counselors interact with students in various ways every day!

  • Students are able to volunteer to have snack together or lunch bunches.
  • Students receive regular class-wide lessons on social and emotional learning topics, such as bullying and empathy.
  • Some students receive individual or group counseling, with permission from home.
  • Some students receive check-ins due to requests from teacher or home.


Our counselors also work to help assist GES families in need:

  • Holiday meal assistance (Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Holiday gift assistance
  • Weekend food bags
  • Winter coats and boots
  • Giftcards for necessities
  • Snacks for students


If your student is in need, please contact a school counselor so she can help provide assistance or connect you with a community resource. Additionally, the counseling department has curated a list of local community mental health resources and other helpful family resources. Please reach out directly for that information.