Webinar Series with INspired Leadership

Garrison Elementary School PTA has partnered with INspired Leadership to develop a series of professional webinars to help parents/guardians...but most importantly, to help you help your child. How we approach change today influences how our children will handle tomorrow.
Webinar One: Feel All the Feels: Releasing Shame, Judgment, and Guilt
Parenting is hard. Add remote learning to the equation, and it is overwhelming! You are not only stressed, but you are sensing your child is, too. You are having trouble helping yourself, so how are you going to help your child through this? If only you could get your thoughts under control. You know these thoughts aren’t helping so maybe you’re angry at yourself for being angry, you may be ashamed of being fearful, you might judge yourself for feeling worried all the time. We want you to know: It's okay to feel all the feels! Join INspired Leadership to learn how to feel all the feels without shame, judgment, or guilt.
Webinar was held on Sept 30th, link to recording distributed through your school or please email [email protected] for link
Webinar Two: Embracing Fear and Frustration: Reframe the Narrative

How do we help our children with fear and frustration when we have trouble managing our own? We want our children to experience all the joyful moments of childhood that we remember at that age. Because things aren't exactly like they were before, fear and frustration can show up and start running the show. The consequences of leading with this type of emotion reach far beyond our own thoughts and can impact our children. What if we change the story to benefit ourselves and our children? What would be different about the impact we could have on our kids? Join INspired Leadership to learn how to reframe stories we create in the midst of fear and frustration.

Webinar was held on October 21st, link to the recording will be distributed by your school or please email [email protected] for link.

Webinar Three: Navigating Change Together
Learn how to navigate change so you can help your child respond resiliently rather than react from fear or frustration.  Our children might not be aware they have choices in how they respond to circumstances. Feeling like we have a choice during times of change can be difficult to see, but each of us possess strengths, perspectives, and experiences that can be leveraged to make the most of disruptions. Join INspired Leadership to learn how to respond intentionally when it feels like everything is out of your control.

Webinar was held on Tuesday, December 8th, link to the recording will be distributed by your school or please email [email protected] for link.