Public Notice: Special Education Records Destruction

Public Notice Announcement Regarding Outdated Special Education Records

The Dover School District (SAU #11) will destroy records that have been collected, maintained, and/or used in providing special education services in the upcoming months. This will affect records of students born in the year 1993 or earlier, and only applies to students who received special education services during any of their time in the Dover School District. The destruction of data policy provides that records may be destroyed when they are no longer needed for educational planning purposes. Please be advised that some of the information contained in these files may be needed later for other purposes, such as eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.


In accordance with Dover School Board Policy EHB the parent(s)/guardian(s) may, at any time prior to the student's twenty-sixth birthday, request, in writing, that the records be retained until the student's thirtieth birthday.


If you wish to have these records before they are destroyed, or if you wish to request we maintain these records until the student reaches the age of 30 please contact Darlene Shanahan at 603-516-6722 or by email at before July 29, 2019. Records will be provided only to a former student who is 18 years of age (or older) or the former student’s legal guardian with the proper identification. Anyone obtaining records will be required to produce identification that contains both picture and signature. We will notify the individual by phone when the requested records are prepared. The records can be obtained at the SAU office, McConnell Center, Suite 409, 61 Locust Street, Dover, NH 03820